5 Year Strategic Plan for Growth

The Eichholz Foundation challenge match is an opportunity for growth; this plan will ensure it is a planned and sustainable growth.

Creation of the 5 Year Plan.
Funding continued increase over 5 years. Small donations tripled and total operations increased from $162,165 to $337,846 from 2013 to 2015, from outside funding.
Increase engagement and donations with younger demographic of ages 25-45 through new donor events and platforms such as Kickstarter. 
Meet the Eichholz Million Dollar Match by November 30, 2018.
Continue raising funds towards the Eichholz endowment and the Art Gym Art Production and Publication Fund after completion of the match.

Marketing and increased OUTREACH

☑ Increase marketing including color announcements, a Facebook page and Instagram posts.
☑ Rebrand the Art Gym to reflect an institution of its size and merit. 2016 Collins Foundation funded
☑ Improve website with rich videos and more dynamic design to reach new audiences. 2015-17 Collins Foundation funded the Art Gym Presents video series
☑ Travel budget increased for workshops and conferences to increase the Art Gym’s reach nationally and internationally. 2015-17 Collins Foundation funded
☑ Shuttle from downtown Portland for opening receptions.
☐ Add additional educational materials for programming to the website to give increased support to educators.

Increased programming and support for artists

☑ Hire of Gallery Manager to increase capacity for programming. 2015-17 Collins Foundation funded
☑ Establish professional honorariums for artists, compliant with W.A.G.E. (Working Artists and the Greater Economy).
☑ Introduce PNW Context–our new programming pairing artists from the region with national artists.
☑ Create the Art Gym Art Production and Publication Fund to cover costs such as materials, technical assistance, equipment, and technology for artists as well as support for publications when other funding is not available.
☑ Increase programming around each exhibition, from 2 events to 4-8 per exhibition.
☑ Increased publications to one per each exhibition.
☑ Pilot new programming such as summer programs (outside of gallery until climate controlled), public engagement projects, and artists’ books.
☑ Complete W.A.G.E. certification to demonstrate the Art Gym as one of their listed non-profit arts organizations demonstrating a history of, and commitment to, voluntarily paying artist fees that meet a minimum payment standard.
☐ Analyze strengths and weaknesses of the piloted programming to determine what will continue in 2019.

Improved/increased facilities to fit an institution of our size and merit

☑ Renovation of the gallery including restoration of the remaining four windows.
☐ Painting of the gallery, new lighting tracks, and wall repair.
☐ Climate control for the gallery to allow for summer exhibitions.